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Our Company History
Avi and his nephew Adam

Over the next 7 years the business continued to grow substantially.  By August of 1996 it was again time to move the operation to larger quarters. In September of that year Avi reopened Oven Art, Inc in Cynthiana Kentucky under the Avi’s logo and made the decision to concentrate solely on becoming a wholesale manufacturer of fine baked goods. Avi and his wife had purchased a farm in Cynthiana in 1994. The need to purchase a larger facility and move the baking operation to Cynthiana grew from his family’s desire to live full time on the farm. (Read “About Us” for more details on farm life.)

In January of 1986 Oven Art, Inc opened its doors under the name “The Truffle Cake” – a retail/wholesale operation producing “Fine Cakes and Pastries” for the Greater Cincinnati area. While “The Truffle Cake” was the trademark name of Avi’s retail shop, it was Avi’s name that became synonymous with his products. In 1989 he bowed to public pressure and changed the name to “Avi’s” as the company began marketing its products outside the Greater Cincinnati area.


















































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